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Throwback Thursday | ‘Underdogs’ West Indies hammer Australia to script biggest chase in Test history  

Welcome to the series where we relive a moment, a game in history that has changed the way the sport has been played, in our weekly segment. Today, we go back to the biggest chase in the history of Test cricket, where underdogs West Indies punched above their weight to down the formidable Aussies.
Harshit Anand
featuresports2 years ago

Throwback Thursday | Unlikely heroes Bradshaw and Browne help Windies clinch 2004 Champions Trophy title

Welcome to the series where we present you a moment, a game in history that has shaped the way the sport has been played, in our weekly segment ‘Throwback Thursday.' This week we look at the 2004 Champions Trophy Final, where Ian Bradshaw and Courtney Browne pulled off an impossible heist.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresports2 years ago

Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight - Kumar Sangakkara vs Brian Lara

Barely half a generation apart, here are two HUGE names in cricket with the ability to change any 50-over game around for their respective teams. Welcome to the July 3 edition of ‘Friday Fights’ and today, it’s the battle between Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara and Brian Lara of West Indies.
Sritama Panda
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Good, Bad & Ugly ft Cristiano Ronaldo, the Ranji Trophy final and the Coronavirus

We’re back with another weekly edition of Good, Bad and Ugly which is basically a roundup of some of the most startling events that have taken place this week. And that includes the Road Safety series, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the coronavirus ruling the world of sport among other things.
SportsCafe Desk