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Betdaily website review

After quite a long break, I am back with a review of another website that is doing the rounds of the Asian market - Betdaily! There are a lot of things which are unique about this online gaming website, which particularly deals with gambling and betting. In no time whatsoever, Betdaily has earned quite a name in the Indian gambling market and its popularity is on the rise for several reasons which I am going to talk about today in this review.

This will be an in-depth analysis and review of the Betdaily website and its mobile application as well so that you do not have to face any hurdle before you land up in this particular site to gamble. There are so many online gambling websites across the globe and you can go to any website to bet or gamble but why choose Betdaily?

The answer to that question lies within this review as I will slowly unfold the reasons for Betdaily's meteoric rise in the world of gambling, particularly in the Indian market. Betdaily opened its door last year and imagine, the market they have covered and the way have come up the ranks in no time. Although it is an Asian betting and gambling website, it is headquartered out of Curacao.

If you head over to their website and scroll right to the bottom you will find this particular detail about Betdaily - “ Betdaily is operated by SNK Entertainment N.V. a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Curacao with company Registration number 148785 with registered office at Abraham de Veerstraat 7 , Curacao and is licensed and regulated by the Curacao authority as the regulatory body responsible holding a (Sub-license with License number 365/JAZ Sub-License GLH- OCCHKTW0704112019 granted on 11.04.2019).”

Here’s something that might catch your attention - Betdaily not only offers opportunities to gamble and bet on sporting events but also it allows you to bet on television events and politics. They don’t have a wide range of slots and online casino gaming but they sure as hell have made up for that through their Exchange and Sportsbook Section.

Betdaily Overview

Now that I have already told you what Betdaily does and how it works, now we are going to take a look at the layout of the homepage and the rest of the website. Betdaily does not offer an extremely pompous look however, it is neat to be honest and most importantly, it is user friendly unlike many other online gambling betting websites.

Just in case you did not know, Betdaily recently tied up with the Caribbean Premier League T20 and they were the official betting sponsor of the charismatic league that recently concluded in the islands of West Indies. Now as you land on the homepage of Betdaily, you will notice the sticker of the Caribbean Premier League T20 all the time as a part of their promotions.

The scroll screen right at the front is bold and wide and grabs the eyes of the users as it has five scroll screens which are having different offers of their several products they have to offer. Just below the masthead, you will see six drop-down tickers - Sports, Teen Patti, Poker, Live Casino, E-Sports and Slots. There are two more tabs and they are the promotions and the sponsors which will give you furthermore detail about their website.

Now once you scroll down slightly, you will see the promotional carousel which has three split screens showcasing videos and offers. When you scroll down further, Betdaily showcases the details of the products that they have to offer on their website. Then there is a section which is kind of self-explanatory as Betdaily talks about their own services and products and how effective and user-friendly they are in terms of running amongst the big daddies of online gambling and betting.

Beyond that, they have the QR code, scanning which will help you download the app on your android or iOS supported phones. And right at the bottom of the website, Betdaily has listed out the names of the affiliates and the payment and withdrawals options along with the details of who they are and where they are located. In case you are interested in their license, it is also mentioned at the bottom of the homepage of Betdaily and I have mentioned it above as well.

Betdaily Ratings

Live Casino Section

Betdaily lacks way behind in the Live Casino section from the other online gambling websites as they have very limited options when it comes to slots and online casino games. However, their mobile app has a better interface of Live Casino than their website and that still somehow holds their ground in this online gambling jungle. They have Playtech, Betgames, Asia Gaming, Super Spade, Evolution, Sexy Gaming and SA Gaming on that drop-down list.

Other than this, they have Teen Patti and Poker as the two primary online casino games loved by almost all of India. They also have two slot sections and there as well, the options are extremely limited which are not going to make the customers very happy. Betdaily needs to add more affiliates and pull in more slot games and casino games options in order to maintain their popularity in this Indian market or else their rating could rapidly fall and that will not be a great thing to stare at.

Exchange Section

This is something you are not going to experience in any other online casino gaming website or gambling websites. The Exchange section kind of makes it up for the lack of casino and slot games on the Betdaily website. Don’t fret, I will tell you how - this is a very interesting concept; so, when you click on the exchange tab on the Betdaily website, you will be directed to the sportsbook kind of a page where you will spot odds for several sporting events just like any other betting websites.

But these odds are not the normal ones that you usually see on those betting sites, as they are not offered by the bookmakers and they are offered by other customers and you get to play against other punters and gamblers and win commission on every winnings. This is quite a masterclass introduced by Betdaily and it surely puts them ahead of the competition but of course, slightly!

Sportsbook Section

Those of you who are into betting on sports, Betdaily has quite a spread and keeps a tab of almost every sporting action that happens every single day. Their sportsbook section is powered by Betfair, which is one of the biggest online betting and gambling websites in the United Kingdom. So, if you are looking to have a little bit of fun in the sports betting section, this is the place to be as you must know already that Betfair does offer decent and lucrative odds for sporting actions.

Betdaily Offers and Promotions

Betdaily does not have a great deal of offers and promotions for their customers but whatever little they have is quite decent. They do have several tabs of offers on all their products but one needs to wise before opting for them as you may not get the dividend that you are looking for from these games. However, one can be rest assured that your money will be safe as it is not an illegally run website!


This is where you enter all your details and get going! The registration process is not difficult and it usually takes just 30 seconds to fill in all your details. Once you are done filling in the details, you will directly land up in the payment and withdrawal section. This is where you fill in some cash and then you are good to go! The Login/Register icon is on the top right corner of the Betdaily homepage and one is unlikely to miss that.

Mobile Application

As I have already mentioned before, the mobile application of Betdaily is much more attractive than their website and it seems that they want to propel in this sector for the time being. It is user-friendly and the interface is attractive, that is what matters the most when you are running a online gaming/gambling website. The best part is - the Betdaily mobile application is compatible with both android and iOS users!

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Betdaily is considered to be a safe online gaming website when it comes to handling the money of the customers. It usually takes just 30 seconds to get done with the deposit process and 1-2 working days for the withdrawals., which is not bad either. They have 9 different modes of deposit and as they have their eyes set on the Indian market, Betdaily have introduced a number of payment wallets which are popular in India. Here are the deposit options - Net Banking, Master Card, Visa, Skrill, Netteler, Astro Pay, Bhim, Paytm, PhonePe, MobiKwik, Google Pay, and UPI - that is quite a spread!

Customer Care Support

As I said earlier, just like any other online gaming website, Betdaily too offers a 24*7*365 customer service support for their customers. As soon as you land on their homepage, you will be welcomed with a tinker which says ‘Hello, we are online, how can we help you?” The Help Center tab is on the left top corner of the homepage and is easy to spot as well.