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Till now, we have already discussed about the leading betting sites and the seasoned campaigners of the trade, for a change, we dedicate today for one of a lesser known entity. One of the latest additions to the betting market, 1xbet has gained a considerable popularity since its inception in 2011. Licensed under the Curacao gambling authorities - one of the most renowned across the globe, it would be a waste of time to talk about the legality of the site. Till now, the site has mustered a total of 4,00,000 users and is still counting. is also the official partner of the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A. What’s the mantra for success? Let’s have a look.

Unlike many other horses of the trade, the homepage of 1xbet strictly means business, without unnecessary banners and logos. The seriousness oozes out from the layout itself along with the usage of a single colour – blue and its various shades. If you are serious about your business and hate unnecessary distractions on the screen, then 1xbet is your apt destination!

Regarding the variety of sports offered by the betting site for wagering purposes, there are numerous options, to be very honest there are more than you can ever think of. This is a first betting site which offers a market for Greyhound Racing (can you believe that?), leaving aside the obvious collection of Cricket, Football and Basketball. The live betting option just adds a silver lining. The Casino section also gives the users a plethora options to keep them hooked to the site

Sports betting

I can vouch that the betting site offers markets for each and every sport which are being played across the globe, even if you are alien to some of them. The sports betting window is a unique one, which has all the possible matches, listed vertically. There are detailed odds for each of the matches. For example, I once came across an ice hockey match which offered as many as 542 odds! Now, it’s impossible for a user to go through the entire collection, so it would be advisable for the users to zero in on their desired market beforehand and then place the bet.

There is a horizontal strip across the screen on the top of the sports betting window, which displays the individual sports on which markets are offered at the moment. Clicking on it will redirect the user to a page which contains all the matches of that particular sport. Subsequently, the markets along with the odds of matches individually would be presented to you. But, that’s quite the normal type of sports betting which you are aware of, then what’s exciting for the users?

Live betting

While normal betting can get monotonous at times, there’s a safe escape route to the problem – live betting. Unlike normal betting, live betting allows users to wager on markets after a particular match has started. Odds are updated every few minutes, the markets remain active for a short while, during which the users need to place the bets. Once it gets locked, users have to wait for fresh odds, which are updated based on the situation of the game. The dynamic nature of live betting, which demands the user to remain glued to the game as well as place the bet simultaneously, sets the adrenaline rushing sky high!

Live streaming

If taking your experience to the next level is the need of the hour, then the solution is live streaming. What better way to invest your money and watch the same match simultaneously. The excitement extracted from it can be compared to none, which makes it an Unique Selling Proposition for any betting site. Needless to say, the live streaming option will be unlocked once the user has paid a certain amount to the betting site. Top football leagues around the world like the Bundesliga, La Liga and the Serie A are all covered by 1xbet. More importantly, they have a MultiLive video feature, which allows its users to stream multiple matches at the same time. If you are still missing out on the fun, you already know where to log in.


The casino section has been divided into three main segments, namely – Casino, Live Casino, Promotions, Zeppelin. There’s a slight difference between the Casino section of betting sites like Bet 365, Dafabet and the one present in 1xbet.

First of all, the ‘casino’ section is predominantly filled with slot games and card games, while they have separate sections for each of them, unlike other websites where all the games are displayed on a single page. Strictly speaking, there are more than a hundred odd games for each of those sections and I am not making it up. If you have started playing slot games on 1xbet in the morning, chances are slim that you are going to play all the games just once by the end of the day!

Live Casino

This is by far the most intriguing section of any betting site, where the personal touch offered to the users makes the experience real like. Live dealers will be in charge of each table, where an user can check-in with coins. Several other registered players of the betting site will also be playing alongside on the same table. The involvement is surreal in a Live Casino, it really gives a Las Vegas kind of feel, just that you are not physically present. If you really want to get the thrills and chills, Live Casino is the remedy.

Bonus and Promotions

A betting site would be incomplete if it does not offer promotions and bonuses and 1xbet is not at an exception. If you are a new user, the ‘welcome package’ will turn your grey cells on, which apparently offers up to 1500 euros and 150 free spins as bonuses. There is a separate section which offers Bonus Games, just explore and get an opportunity to inflate your bank balance within minutes.

As per promotions are concerned there are numerous deals to bowl you over. Some of them are ‘force buy bonus’ (read up on the site for details), no risk bets and 200% winnings are some of them. If you are a football freak, cash in on the European Champions League predictions corner, which promises handsome rewards if you foretell the results correctly.


If you still haven't registered on the website, you are a couple of steps away. Just visit the home page, click on ‘registration’ at the top right corner and fill up the details and that’s all.

Mobile Application

How on earth can a betting site with such a reputed betting site in the 21st century does not have a mobile application? Of course it does and a very effective one also. The Mobile Application runs as smooth as butter and I am not even joking. I have been using the mobile application for a couple of weeks now and not even a single time I had to restart the application cause it works perfectly. has developed separate softwares which supports Android platform as well as iOS.So all you travel freaks out there, wherever you are, just log into the application and place your bets, cause the show must go on!

Payment methods

Maintaining a high range of users from around the world with different backgrounds, spending habits and currencies calls for a robust payment and withdrawal system, and guess what, 1xbet has one of the most versatile methods of transactions on its betting side. I was totally taken aback when I first opened the webpage for payments. It looked like an online shopping payments section!

Just to put things into perspective, an Indian can deposit money in as many as 133 different ways, starting from the most popular ones like bank transfers, credit cards and debit cards to the modern methods like e-wallets and crypto currencies. The betting site has all covered for you, just feel free to choose whichever method suits you and carry on. Among the withdrawal process, there are 101 ways offered by the website to transact. 1xbet has taken customer satisfaction to a different level and the payment/withdrawal section just reflects tha

Customer support

If the need arises to personally communicate with the website, there’s a window for that as well. A long list of email ids will be listed in the customer service section of the 1xbet, while each has a specific use. For example, is the address for sending in general queries or you can send it across to for anything related to the security department. 000 800 050-15-83 is the number where you should dial for instant reply.