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featurefootball2 days ago

The FC Goa model - a pathway to success for fellow Indian clubs

FC Goa played out 0-0 draws in each of their opening 2021 AFC Champions League matches against Al-Rayyan and Al-Wahada, having earned two points so far. While the odds are heavily stacked against them to progress to the next round, their spirited display has taken everyone by surprise.
sounak mullick
featurefootball3 days ago

Explained: Everything you needed to know about The Glazers, Manchester United's billionaire owners

In light of the recent chaos caused by the creation of the Super League, we take a deep dive into the family that's at the heart of the move in the Glazer family, Manchester United's owners. Joel Glazer also just happens to be one of the co-vice presidents responsible for the Super League.
SportsCafe Desk
featurefootball4 days ago

There is a war raging on for football’s soul and it looks like football is losing

A normal Monday, for most people, is boring and marks the end of the weekend. For football fans and people who work in football, it’s the day after a great or terrible weekend. Either way, it’s a non-eventful day with little to nothing worth reading or watching. That all changed on April 19 2021.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball11 days ago

Liston Colaco's record-breaking transfer might be superficially misleading

Liston Colaco was roped in by ATK-Mohun Bagan from Hyderabad FC for a record transfer fee for an Indian player, but the amount was undisclosed. With the hype around the deal and a footballer at his peak, there are several pros and cons before the deal can be deemed as a successful one.
sounak mullick
featurefootball14 days ago

2021 AFC Champions League | FC Goa Preview: Team news, Key Players, Contenders and Match Details

FC Goa are a few days away from representing India in the biggest continental event, the AFC Champions League, becoming the first Indian to achieve the feat. While they are set to face fierce opponents in Group E, the prospect of playing the matches in their home stadium will give them a boost.
sounak mullick
featurefootball16 days ago

Beware of the Parisian monsters here to gobble everyone up; ignore them at your own peril

Everyone who has anything to do with football knows the story. If this was a 100 years ago then alongside the myths and legends, songs would have been sung about that night. Neymar’s name would be vibrating through history for centuries after that night. And for PSG, little would change.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball17 days ago

Pep Guardiola needs to check his overcomplicated instincts at the door and just let Manchester City fly free

But can he do it on a wet and rainy night at Stoke? That was the question posed to Pep Guardiola after he dominated both Spain and Germany, after winning the treble with Barcelona and after reaching three consecutive semi-finals with Bayern, but could he do it on a cold and rainy night at Stoke?
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball18 days ago

Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham and Tottenham in the battle for European glory

Make no mistake. The battle against relegation is far more interesting but since glory hunting is cooler, the battle for European glory aka the Champions League is our goal for today. With eight games left in the season, nine for those who play on Monday, who can make the cut before the bell rings?
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball22 days ago

How India fabricated its most horrifying evening in a decade

The scoreline might have hurt, but the way India was dominated in the 0-6 defeat to UAE last Monday has left a deep scar which will take time to heal. With a couple of months left for the remainder of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, head coach Igor Stimac must take drastic steps to redeem himself.
sounak mullick
featurefootballa month ago

India vs UAE | Match preview, key players, when and where to watch

In spite of a shaky start to the game against Oman, India staged a fitting comeback by virtue of a splendid header from Manvir Singh from a Bipin Singh cross. Now, Igor Stimac's men will be facing a tougher opponent in the form of UAE at the Zabeel Stadium, in Dubai, this Monday evening.
sounak mullick