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Bastab K Parida

Senior Sub-Editor

Perennially waiting for next holiday on the beach, I found a job which will pay the bill. It is an easy job. I just watch and blabber about cricket all day and act like I can write. Easy money.

featuresports2 days ago

Overreaction Monday | BCCI's mid-night incompetence and South Africa losing the plot

It is that time of the week when we decide to sit on our perspective haunches to filter out the good opinions and challenge the wrongs (well, we can’t be neutral surely). Bursting the myth is fun and it is even more so when the experts land some unfathomable comments for the sake of it.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket4 days ago

Finding his hands, Steve Smith experiences epiphany and creates magic

Do you remember the time your teacher asked you to kneel down in front of the class for not completing your homework? Or that day when you had to stand on the table for teasing a friend and your miss suddenly caught you guys fighting?
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket5 days ago

IND vs AUS | 1st ODI Takeaways: India’s outdated selection process and Aaron Finch’s masterclass in patience

Australia started their home summer in a huge manner, thrashing India by 66 runs after posting a massive 374 runs on the board. You could really sense the progression from the simple margin but the parallel path charted by Aaron Finch and Steve Smith pushed the Aussies to success.
Bastab K Parida
featuresports7 days ago

What if Wednesday | What if MS Dhoni didn’t get injured ahead of 2014 Australia series

India and Australia have given so many moments to cherish for cricket fans of both the countries, with some unbelievable performances taking the centrestage. The 21st century rivalry has cut the behemoth in a magical fashion, yet few moments hold up for its sheer magic.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket7 days ago

10-6 - The ideological deadlock

As with many decisions taken by the International Cricket Council lately, the election process to elect the next chairman is veering towards ludicrous. The process is unfounded, full of tragic logic that carries a sense of off-field bearing that is enough to leave you in doldrums.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket9 days ago

The Bumrah-shaped arc in Natarajan’s path to glory in Australia

The rise of T Natarajan from the relative outback of Salem to the Indian Cricketing milieu is a tale of marginalised success - straight out of the pages of a romantic underdog book. There is a lot to celebrate, but the biggest storyline is actually about following an already-established arc.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket13 days ago

Sudeep Tyagi - a career unfulfilled, but the Barabati magic will forever endure

Sudeep Tyagi calling it a day from all formats of cricket, in all honesty, could have missed the headlines. After all, the Indian team’s practise is in full swing in Australia, one of the best seasons of the IPL was just over and the attention span was shorter than ever. For me, however, it wasn’t.
Bastab K Parida
featuresports15 days ago

Truthful Tuesday | ICC’s desire of adding more flaws to an already-flawed product clutters WTC

Nothing in the ICC boardroom encapsulates the drama better than a classic Indian movie. It is both the drama and the story, it is mythic storytelling yet a fulcrum to a double-edged world that thrives on its narrative. The beneficiary of the entire idea is, however, left to interpretation.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket16 days ago

IPL 2020 Review | Rajasthan Royals - A season of over-promised inadequate dynamism coming to nuts

In the 2020 edition of the IPL, Rajasthan Royals were a fun side to watch - a great mix of characters that talks up the very nature of the format. However, results have always been the bottomline in any tournament and that tells us that the Royals ended as the wooden spooners.
Bastab K Parida
featuresports19 days ago

Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight - Sourav Ganguly vs Matthew Hayden

One of the great romances of following cricket in the early 2000s was about seeing behemoths taking the world by fire and sticking to it for eternity. Sourav Ganguly and Matthew Hayden are two such giants that the world could never really have enough of. So why not put them together in our ring?
Bastab K Parida